Treasury Management

A key business segment to get the right liquidity and funding management decisions and interest rate risk appetite for your organisation, particularly in the current market environment. We have over twenty years managing the operational and financial aspect of multinational Treasury operations and risk management. Below are a sample of the vast experience we can bring to your organisation:

  • Extensive operational, risk and financial background, with experience dealing with an array of Treasury products, in line with the risk appetite statement;
  • History of managing a wide variety of financial services companies, from leasing to factoring, and from bond trading to Inter Group financing;
  • Experience managing and developing all size teams, with excellent results;
  • Systems administraton  for several off the shelf and custom built Treasury and Accounting packages:
  • Experience background varies greatly from proprietary trading operations, to completely hedged setups, with minimal exposure;
  • Significant project management exposure, including many system upgrades, business restructuring, and IFRS implementation.

Should you think any of the above can benefit your organisation, or even if you wish to hear a fresh and perhaps alternate approach, please feel free to contact us via the contacts page.